Forward assist, plunger, AR-15, AR-15 forward assist

Installing a Forward Assist

Installing a forward assist is a straightforward process.

By Bryce M. Towsley (RSS)
May 24, 2011

Forward-assist assembly
Forward-assist spring
Forward-assist retainer pin

3⁄32-inch roll-pin punch
Brass or plastic hammer


Brownells offers several forward-assist assemblies that come ready to install. All you have to do is place the return spring over the pawl and inside the plunger cap, and you are ready to add it to the upper. Get the roll pin that holds the forward assist in place started into the receiver. Orient the forward assist and insert it into the receiver. Press the plunger against the spring while tapping the pin into place. Use a 3⁄32-inch roll-pin punch to drive the pin past flush.

Forward assist, plunger, AR-15, AR-15 forward assist

Before inserting the forward-assist assembly into its housing on the receiver, start the roll pin that holds it in place.

Forward assist, plunger, AR-15, AR-15 forward assist

Hold the forward-assist plunger against spring tension while driving the roll pin home.

Forward assist, plunger, AR-15, AR-15 forward assist

Continue tapping the roll pin with a 3⁄32-inch punch until it is past flush to complete the installation.

Function Check: Push the plunger to make sure the pawl moves forward and returns under spring pressure.

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2 Responses to Installing a Forward Assist

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  2. Jim B says:

    What does one do when the forward assist is stuck forward and you can’t get the pin back out?

    I thought I had it inserted so that the flat was beside the pin…

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