What's the Best Distance to Zero Your Rifle?

There’s a lot to unpack when talking about zeroing a rifle, including at what distance it should be zeroed. Steve Adelmann walks you through important considerations.

Best Distance to Zero a Pistol-Mounted Red Dot

With the explosion in popularity of pistol-mounted red-dot sights, deciding what distance at which to zero has become a pressing issue.

First Look: Axeon Optics Absolute Zero

Don't you hate spending all those rounds and extra time at the range just to zero your rifle? The Axeon Optics Absolute Zero makes one-shot zeroing fast and easy.

First Look: Sightmark Accudot Boresights

Sighting-in your firearms doesn't have to be a time- and ammo-consuming process, thanks to Sightmark's new line of Accudot boresights.

First-Time AR-15 Outing: Shooting Drills & Techniques

After pulling your AR-15 out of the box and checking it over, it's time to head to the range. Here are a few tips and drills designed to help you get you rifle-ready.

Scope Mounting Made Easy: Tips from a Practiced Hand

Adding a magnified optic or red-dot sight to your longarm doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are a few tips from one gunwriter with a lot of experience mounting scopes.

3 Methods for Zeroing Your Handgun Laser

How should your handgun laser be set up on your defensive firearm? Take a look at three different methods outlined here to see what works best for you.

Zeroing Handgun Lasers

A laser sight is a tool to help you aim a defensive firearm. For it to excel at that task it needs to shine on target at the point, or least very near the point, where the bullet will strike. To arrange this, you must zero the laser, and you must decide how you want the beam of the laser to correspond to the shot.

Zero Distance for a Home-Defense AR-15

A former SOF Sniper explains where to zero your AR for home defense, and more importantly, why.

Zero a Laser Sight

Crimson Trace's Public Relations Manager Iain Harrison provides a better way to zero a laser sight on a semi-automatic rifle.

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