New Bolt Action Rifles for 2023

New Bolt Action Rifles for 2023

The firearm industry has become more flexible in response to an increasingly diverse consumer base. New models reflect varying consumer interest driven both by uncertain times and the availability of new technology.

Essential Everyday-Carry Gear For New Shooters

Those new to concealed carry can find plenty of affordable EDC-gear options.

First Look: Galco Switchback Holster for 1911s

Galco recently introduced new models of its popular Switchback holster for 1911s with red dots or iron sights mounted.

Review: Gerber Pack Hatchet

If you need a tool that can handle more than your 4-inch survival knife can take, the Gerber Pack Hatchet stashes in any ready bag easily and can take a beating.

Choosing a Good Gun Belt for Concealed Carry

Why is it important to have a good gun belt? What are the the features to consider when choosing one? Here are a few tips on selecting the right belt for your concealed-carry rig.

RE Factor Tactical Wilderness Survival Card

When lost in the woods, take every edge you can get. RE Factor Tactical now makes those edges smaller, lighter and much more portable.


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