Single-Handed Shooting: Why Practice It?

If available evidence suggests that people continue fighting with an injured primary hand, why practice one-handed or support-side shooting? Here's the take from our Handgun editor.

Weak-Hand Only: A Critical Shooting Skill You Need to Know

Being able to shoot weak-hand only (WHO) accurately is a critical, but often-overlooked skill you probably should practice more often.

6 Essential Practice Tips for a Concealed-Carry Revolver

Compact revolvers are popular concealed-carry choices. But, are your practice habits priming you for failure? Here are six tips to follow during your range sessions.

Switching Sides

Switching to your support-side shoulder when clearing a room with a rifle may look cool, but is it the best approach to dealing with a potential threat?

One-Handed Shooting

Are you prepared to use your firearm in self-defense using only one hand? You might have to.

What Do You Do?

Dealing with the little curve balls life sends your way is much easier if you've planned ahead.

The Sound of One Hand Shooting

While most of us train with our weak hands, how many have actually put some thought behind the rest of the story—why we're fighting with our weak hand?

The Support-Hand Draw

Learning to draw with your support hand might save your life.


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