10 mm ammo

Ten Great 10mm Ammo Choices

With law-enforcement agencies moving away from the .40 S&W and going back to the 9 mm, the .40’s future is cloudy. For those who don’t follow cartridge history closely, the .40 S&W is really nothing more than a 10 mm light load wearing a different dress.

How To Accurize Your Rifle

What matters and what doesn’t when it comes to rifle ballistics. 

Five Great Aftermarket Glock Triggers

Sometimes, even perfection could use a little help.

True Facts About Composite Ammunition

What’s the deal with True Velocity’s full-power rifle ammunition in a composite case?

Lonestar Future Weapons Allies with True Velocity for NGSW

Lonestar Future Weapons announced last week it has entered into a strategic partnership with composite-cased ammunition manufacturer True Velocity.

Which Type of Body Armor is Right for You?

Body armor comes in many sizes, shapes and protective levels. Learn what type is best for you with this primer on bullet-resistant gear.

First Look: Killer Innovations Velocity MOD1 Stripped Slide for SIG P320

Killer Innovations is expanding its signature Velocity line of firearm upgrades with the new Velocity SIG P320 Compact MOD1 Stripped Slide.

New for 2019: Vudoo Gun Works .17 HM2 V22

Building on the popularity of today's rimfire rifles, Vudoo Gun Works developed an extension of its V22 rifle lineup to function with the blazing-fast .17 HM2 round.

6 Upgraded Triggers for Your AR-15

Don’t let a lousy AR-15 trigger send you to your safe space. Here are six options from six different companies that are worth a look.

The Impact of Barrel Twist Rates on Bullets

Barrel twist rates are critical for imparting a stabilizing spin on a bullet in flight, but can twist rates damage bullets? Is there a minimum and maximum twist rate?

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