Review: FLIR ThermoSight Pro PTS233 Thermal Optic

Entry-level thermal optics have come down in price and increased in quality. The ThermoSight Pro PTS233 from the industry leader, FLIR, is a solid option for anyone looking to get into the thermal game.

First Look: FLIR ThermoSight Pro PTS Thermal Optic

The latest thermal optic from FLIR in 2017 is the ThermoSight Pro PTS series, which brings an affordable thermal imaging device into the hands of shooters and hunters.

FLIR ThermoSight R-Series

Good night-vision gear is a game-changer on battlefields, along borders and among predator populations. Thanks to the price of decent thermal equipment ratcheting down over the last two years, the gold standard for night optics is starting to approach affordable.


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