Wilson Combat  eXperior Commander Double Stack

Review: Wilson Combat eXperior Commander Double Stack

The original Colt Commander 9 mm was presented to the civilian buying public in 1950, the beginning of a decade noted for its perceived tranquility. Now in 2021, a year of record-breaking violence and civil unrest, Wilson Combat has released its eXperior Commander Double Stack, an upgraded version in every way to the original.

Review: Wilson Combat Ranch Rifle in 300 HAM'R

The new Ranch Rifle in Wilson Combat’s line of rifles offers a new interpretation on a classic utilitarian go-to arm, now chambered in the unique 300 HAM'R round.

Review: Wilson Combat 300 HAM'R

Wilson Combat set out to create an AR-15 cartridge that produced "optimal terminal performance." Did they succeed? See the numbers behind the 300 HAM'R here.

Review: Wilson Combat .458 HAM’R Tactical Hunter

Wilson Combat’s newest offering breathes new life into the big-bore semi-automatic rifle with a new .458 HAM'R chambering and a hybrid Tactical Hunter AR that’s ideal for home defense and hog control.


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