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First-Shot Fliers

Perplexed as to why the first shot out of your rifle goes awry? Here are some possibilities to consider.

Using “Push-Pull” For Recoil Control

For those who dread the recoil of a 12-gauge shotgun, there’s a technique that can help.

Task Performance Under Stress

There is no such thing as multi-tasking. Only one task at a time, done as quickly as possible.

After The Shot

Breaking down the process of making a follow-up shot.

Signature Grip

Put in the effort to get a good consistent grip on your pistol, and you'll be rewarded with consistent results.

The Follow Through Fallacy

Steve Tarani explains how what happens when shooting a gun is radically different than making a shot in other sports.

Get The First Round On Target

The first shot is the most important shot when it matters the most.

Back to Basics With Bullseye Shooting

Going back to the fundamentals can always be beneficial, and bullseye shooting may just be the key to maintaining your skills, including your defensive ones.

How to Clear Corners With Your Home-Defense Gun

Clearing the area obscured by a corner requires planning and careful technique in a home-defense situation, whether you are working alone or with a partner.

Dry-Fire Practice: Tips From an Old Hand

Growing up, Bart Skelton watched his dad, Skeeter Skelton, dry-firing guns on a regular basis to build his shooting skills. Here are a few things he's learned over the years.

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