CS9 pistol

The Perils Of Carrying An Unusual Pistol

Before making the esoteric choice in carry guns, make sure you can get all the necessary accoutrements.

Are We Seeing A Revolver Renaissance?

The revolver is back, providing simple personal protection as well as ever.

Review: FN Five-seveN Mk. 3 MRD

FN expands the usefulness of the 5.7x28 mm round with this updated platform.

Are Double Stack 1911s Making A Comeback?

All that is old is new again, as the double- stack 1911 becomes the new hotness.

Is There Still A Place For The Single Action Pistol?

Just because single-action, semi-automatic technology is more than a century old doesn’t necessarily mean it’s outdated.

FN High Power: A Classic Rebooted

The manufacturer of record of the vaunted Hi Power has now introduced the High Power—and more than just the spelling has changed.

Is A Pistol Light A Good Idea?

When is a pistol with a mounted flashlight necessary?

Building A Better Belly Gun

A “belly gun,” in case you are not familiar with the term, is one for the sort of conflict where the antagonists is all up in the defender’s grille; practically belly to belly. Thing is, belly guns are only really good for belly fights.

Double Edge: The New FN 509 CC Edge Pistol

Brand-new from FN America is a new “Compensated Carry” addition to the FN 509 lineup. 

Splitting Frog Hairs

Searching for empirical evidence of firearm superiority can be a useless quest. 

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