Shotgun Shooting: Why is the Cheekweld Important?

While length-of-pull and overall weight are important in how one handles a shotgun, there’s another critical fit that’s sometimes overlooked.

The Golden Age of Tactical Shotguns

We may just be seeing the perfect storm for the evolution of the defensive scattergun.

New Tactical Shotguns for 2018

In a year that was expected to be marked by a glut of ARs, gun manufacturers rose to the challenge of creating new and innovative firearms to excite a customer base that seemingly had seen it all.

Adaptive Tactical Shotgun Shell Carrier for Remington & Mossberg

Your receiver could be doing so much more… like storing six 12-gauge shells.

Magpul Accessories for Remington 870 Shotguns

Magpul enters the 870 accessory market with a bunch of products that make the popular home-defense scattergun easier to handle.

Cool vs. Tool

Is that high-speed accessory hanging off your tactical shotgun a useful tool or a cosmetic enhancement to impress your friends?

Aftermarket Shotgun Sights

When you really break down the virtues of the 12-gauge shotgun, it is easily the most-versatile firearm and chambering extant.


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