Shotgun mounted lights

Shotgun Light Roundup

When it comes to home defense, a shotgun brings a lot to the party. Bring some light as well.

Coast Dual-Color Focusing Headlamp

What if I told you that a powerful headlamp was available for under $60?

SureFire Releases New 2211X WristLight Built for Everyone

SureFire, LLC, manufacturer of premium illumination tools and tactical products, introduces the 2211X WristLight.

Brite-Strike (RID3) Tactical Balls

Far from a toy, Brite-Strike (RID3) Tactical Balls put a new spin on essential illumination for self-defense

Streamlight TLR-3 Rail-Mounted Flashlight

Streamlight's TLR-3 rail-mounted flashlight adds minimal weight and maximum utility to your defensive sidearm.

TerraLux Pro-2 Flashlight

Sometimes, simple is a good thing. A flashlight carried for everyday purposes doesn't need to have all the bells and whistles, it just needs to work and work well.

Night Reaper Estrela LED Flashlight

The Estrela by Night Reaper is a rugged, waterproof flashlight that puts out a blinding 1,000 lumens on its high setting.


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