Private Donations Allow Dallas SWAT to Upgrade Rifles

Thanks to the generosity of several private donors, the Dallas Police Department SWAT Team was able to upgrade to LWRCI IC-A5 carbines.

Oklahoma Police Department Picks RISE Armament Rifles

The special-operations team of the Broken Arrow, OK, police department selected RISE Armament's LE-focused rifle for its go-to duty long arm.

New for 2018: RISE Armament 300LE Rifle

Designed particularly for law-enforcement use, the RISE Armament 300LE provides police with a dependable, durable firearm for professional use.

Detroit Police Choose SIG Sauer M400 for SWAT Team

After a rigorous selection process, the Detroit Police Department chose the SIG Sauer M400 as the AR-style rifle of choice to outfit its elite SWAT team.

Fightin' Iron: The Origin of Semi-Auto Tactical Rifles

The versatility commonly seen in today’s semi-automatic firearms used by SWAT teams and civilians alike can be traced to two favorite law-enforcement guns from the past.


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