Hi Power Enhancements

Hi Power Enhancements

The following products enhance the original Browning Wondernine, making the classic pistol, along with its recent reincarnations like the Springfield Armory SA-35, even better.

Five Upgrades for the Beretta 92 Pistol

For those looking to give their Beretta 92 a modern makeover, the following five products will help you get the most out of the iconic 1980s wondernine.

4 Great Shotgun Hacks That Actually Work

While some “life hacks” are questionable, here are four shotgun hacks that really do come in handy.

Should You Lighten a Recoil Spring on a 1911?

I have a Remington R1 1911 chambered in .45 ACP. Arthritis has invaded my hands and it’s getting harder for me to rack the slide. Would putting a lighter recoil spring in it be a bad idea?

First Look: Bear Edge 61121 Knife

Bear Edge Knives, a Bear & Son Cutlery brand, is introducing the new Bear Edge 61121 knife.

Remington 870 Upgrades: 5 Add-Ons for Home Defense

While most traditional shotguns have the ability to fire a wide range of ammunition, they lack task specificity. The following five items will properly upgrade your Remington 870 for home-defense use.

10 Tips & Tricks to Enhance Your Home-Defense Shotgun

Who doesn’t love life hacks? these 10 little shotgun tips and tricks will make your favorite shooting hobby easier and more useful.

How Long Can You Keep Your Magazines Loaded?

I have been trying to get a definitive answer as to the recommended time limit that a magazine could or should be kept loaded.

Maxim Defense PDW Brace: Shortening an AR Pistol

AR-style pistols equipped with stabilizing braces are incredibly popular due to their compact size, but how can you shorten it up even more? Add on the Maxim Defense CQB Pistol PDW Brace.

Striker-Spring Fatigue: Is It a Problem?

With the explosion in striker-fired concealed-carry guns, many citizens are armed with guns that place tension on striker springs when loaded. When do these springs wear out and what issues will that cause?

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