Roulette table

Reload Roulette Drill

Reload Roulette is a drill designed to master the slide-lock reload while eliminating the shooter’s natural anticipation of when the gun will run dry. For those who count their shots and know their total-round count, gaming the reload enables stellar performances on the shot timer.

Hone Your Defensive Skills While Enjoying the Outdoors

What to do when you have attended many classes to learn how to shoot, when to shoot and what to shoot.

Verbal De-Escalation Is A Learned Skill

Stop trouble before it starts.

Skills Check: Hold Control Drill

Maintaining a consistent grip and keeping your sights aligned properly is the key to marksmanship.

Critical Defensive Skills

Every once in a while, I run Into something that just makes me cringe, and that’s the person who says, “Well, I just bought a gun and a box of bullets, so I’m good to go—after I figure out how to load this thing.” 

One-Handed Practice

A critical marksmanship skill that is easy to overlook.

Stress And Fine Motor Skills

A little bit of pressure can make the simplest of tasks seem very difficult.

Improve Your Shooting By Focusing On The Process

Everybody likes to hit the target. A focusing on the learning process helps you do it more often.

Resolve To Improve

This year, resolve to improve your self defense skills.

The Winning Combination

Having the desire to stay safe is great. Having the means and the skills is even better. 

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