Sight alignment

Aiming - Sight Alignment, Sight Picture and Focus

Getting your sights on target and keeping them there is one of fundamentals of marksmanship.

Front Sight vs Target Focus

See enough of your sights to make the shot.

The Follow Through Fallacy

Steve Tarani explains how what happens when shooting a gun is radically different than making a shot in other sports.

Watch That Front Sight

In a dynamic incident, seconds count, which is why Sheriff Jim urges you to practice getting that front sight fast.

How to Choose the Right Handgun Sight Height

In the past few months, I have had the good fortune to acquire two new Mossberg pistols. One is an MC1sc to carry in my pocket and the other is an MC2c I carry concealed in a belt holster. Both are as accurate and reliable as any handgun I’ve shot.

The Secret to Becoming a Great Handgun Shooter

Richard Mann talks about the one secret to handgun shooting that must be mastered in order for you to become a great shooter.

What Color Front Sight is Best?

When it comes to color, firearm manufacturers have responded with handgun frames, slides and grips in a wide-ranging palette, but that myriad of tones is nowhere to be seen when it comes to the front sight. We asked some of the industry’s foremost experts why front-sight color options are limited, and why you should consider upgrading your sights.

Shooting High? Here's How to Get On Target.

If you're consistently shooting high at the range, then it's time to get back to basics. Here are a few things to consider about your stance and sight picture.

Shooting With One Eye or Two Eyes Open: Which is Correct?

Lots of trainers talk about the importance of shooting with both eyes open. What if you shoot better with one eye closed? We address the issue here.

Skills Check: NRA Bullseye Target Drill

Occasionally re-familiarizing yourself with the fundamentals of marksmanship can make you a better shooter. Let's get back to basics with a standard NRA bullseye target.

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