Mesa tactical shotshell holder

First Look: Mesa Tactical Sureshell Carrier with RMR Mount

Mount a red dot to your shotgun and keep your spare shotgun ammo close at hand.

First Look: Adaptive Tactical EX Performance Tactical Light Fore-end

Adaptive Tactical LLC makes innovative firearm stocks and accessories, and they have recently updated their EX Performance Tactical Light Fore-end.

First Look: XS Sights Remington 870 +2 Mag Tube Extension Kit

XS Sights is introducing the new Remington 870 +2 Magazine Tube Extension Kit.

5 Enhancements for Your Pump-Action Shotgun

Give your shotgun a home-defense makeover with the following tactical accessories.

7 Home-Defense Shotgun Accessories to Avoid

Thinking about adding all the bells and whistles to your home-defense shotgun? Think again. Here are seven accessories you don't want to load onto your scattergun.

7 Accessories You Don't Want on Your Defensive Shotgun

Just because you can add bells and whistles to your defensive shotgun doesn’t mean you should.

Five Accessories to Improve Your Home-Defense Shotgun

The following items help make your scattergun better suited for home defense.

Adaptive Tactical Sidewinder Venom Shotgun Magazine Kit

Want to reload your pump-action shotgun faster? Adaptive Tactical lets you convert the tubular magazine to a removable box.

ATI Halo Side Saddle and Shotshell Holder for Mossberg Shotguns

Adding extra ammo capacity to your defensive shotgun is a great idea, and ATI's side saddle shotshell holder makes it easy.

Mesa Tactical Urbino Tactical Stock System

Mesa Tactical's Urbino Tactical Stock System allows for a whole host of popular and useful options to be added to your defensive shotgun.

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