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Peak performance starts with seeing what success with the mind's eye.

Social Mayhem

As my score of regular readers knows, I enjoy waxing ineloquently about the finer points of riflery. You know, lighter guns, external ballistics, ammo this and technical that. Such mundane topics are fine insofar as sleep aids go, but occasionally (about every April) I am compelled to delve into far more serious topics, such as developing one’s social-media shooting-expert credentials. Why?

The Secret to Becoming a Great Handgun Shooter

Richard Mann talks about the one secret to handgun shooting that must be mastered in order for you to become a great shooter.

Firearm Training: Realistic Practice

One of the values of attending a good defensive training school is the realization that the necessary shooting skills are not going to be acquired overnight.

5 Myths About the Home-Defense Shotgun

Many gun owners believe these five shotgun myths. Our Shotguns editor separates fact from fiction here.

Pistol-Shooting Tips: Improve Your Handgun Skills

Just what you always wanted—a handy “cheat sheet” of ways to shoot better.

Under Pressure: Tips for Improving Range Performance

Ever felt like you're under pressure to perform well at the range or competition? Does that impact your shooting skills? Here's how to address it.

Skills Check: NRA Bullseye Target Drill

Occasionally re-familiarizing yourself with the fundamentals of marksmanship can make you a better shooter. Let's get back to basics with a standard NRA bullseye target.

3 Essential First Steps for a New Gun Owner

If you're a brand-new gun owner, how do you familiarize yourself with your new purchase and safely handle the handgun? Here are a few first steps that will help with familiarization.

Busted: 5 Shotgun Myths You Probably Believe

Many gun owners believe these five shotgun myths. Our Shotgun editor separates fact from fiction here.

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