Fightin' Iron: A Place to Shoot

Everyone needs a place to practice their craft, and shooters are no exception.

Lucas Oil Sponsors Range at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

The annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally will be a bit louder in 2019, thanks to the addition of the Mobile Tactics Mobile Range sponsored by Lucas Oil.

Standing Steel: 5 Target Stands for Your Range Setup

More and more of today's shooters are incorporating steel into their shooting setups, but finding a stand or hanger can be a different challenge. Here are five solid options on the market.

Winchester Ammunition Helps Open New Shooting Range

Thanks to the support provided by Winchester Ammunition, a new shooting range opens this week in northern Mississippi.

First Look: Viking Solutions Gong Pistol/Rifle Target

With an improved base design, the Viking Solutions Gong Pistol and Rifle Target can be set up easily on any ground for all kinds of range practice.

I Carry: Springfield Armory XD Mod.2 Tactical in a CrossBreed Holster

In this week's episode of "I Carry," we look at using a Springfield Armory XD Mod.2 Tactical pistol in a CrossBreed SnapSlide holster, along with a few other essential pieces of EDC gear.

First Look: CTS 2X4 Spike Pro AR500 Target Kit

For an inexpensive steel-target setup that's perfectly suited to your range, check out the 2X4 Spike Pro AR500 Target Kit from CTS Targets.

5 Essentials for Your Gun Range Bag

Having the following gear essentials in your gun range bag can keep you prepared for a range of possibilities.

Illinois Shooting Facility Becomes Pawn in Budget Battle

The World Shooting and Recreational Complex, located in Sparta, IL, and home to numerous national and regional shooting sports events, has been ordered closed to the public as of Oct. 1, the most recent victim of a partisan budget standoff in the state capital.

It's On You

If something doesn't seem right at a training course, no matter who's teaching, don't be afraid to ask questions, sit things out or even leave.

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