Protect your home

Property Crime: Shifting the Power Back to the Homeowner

Good home security is like an onion (or a parfait): It has layers.

Verbal De-Escalation Is A Learned Skill

Stop trouble before it starts.

Not All Smiles Mean the Same Thing

Beware of pretty faces that you find, a pretty face can hide an evil mind.

What Does “Mindset” Actually Mean? Part 2

We talk about the combat mindset, but how do we create it in ourselves and put it into practice?

What Does "Mindset" Actually Mean? (Part 1)

We hear that term quite often in the self defense world, but what does it really mean?

Staring Vs Eye Contact: When Does Engagement Become a Threat?

When does a pleasant glance turn into something more menacing?

Can Perception Determine Reality?

How you appear to others can affect your safety.

Intuition vs Logic

Knowing when to "trust your gut" is important when seconds matter and lives are on the line.

Recognizing & Interpreting Pre-Attack Indicators

The easiest fight to win is the one that you walk away from, before anything starts up.


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