Ingenious Gun Works 1911 2nd Gen Hammer & Sear

Newcomer Ingenious Gun Works thrives on offering aftermarket 1911 components that push the innovation envelope. Its latest hammer and sear eliminates the need for fitting—or even a trip to a gunsmith.

1911 Harrison Design HD-805 True Radius PRO Sear-Stoning Jig

While altering sear-nose geometry is one of the most challenging/intimidating aspects of a 1911 build, a product from Harrison Design & Consulting offers a welcome alternative that simplifies the process, leaving you more money to spend on ammo.

1911 Fire-Control Installation

Having completed fitting the fire-control components, here’s how you install them into the frame.

1911 Advanced Hammer and Sear Prep

For those of you who won’t be satisfied with just polishing the sides of a hammer and sear, the following describes how to attain the proper hammer- and sear-engagement angles in a safe manner.

1911 Fitting the Fire Controls

There’s more to a crisp 1911 trigger pull than altering hammer-hook and sear-nose geometry. In fact, why bother if you don’t need to.


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