Sightron optic

First Look: Sightron S-TAC 1 to 6x24 Optic

A bullet-drop compensator and second-focal-plane optic are just two of the features.

2023 Holiday Gift Guide: For Travel

America is beautiful. We'll help you get out and take a look at it. 

Understanding Our Feelings

What makes a good first pistol? Well, that depends...

Fightin’ Iron: Held For Ransom

To reveal a handgun’s mechanical accuracy potential, the human factor must be eliminated.

Pro Shop: Shop Accessories

These products will help you work smarter without working harder when it comes to your firearm-maintenance needs.

Weird Shotgun Loads

Oddball or awesome? There’s a little of each when it comes to specialty shotgun rounds.

You Are Not Getting Any Younger!

You just started collecting Social Security and are now fully retired from the day-to-day rat race of making a living. This is the time in life you had been looking forward to, which equates to unlimited range days with your favorite pistols.

2023 New Optics Guide: Low Power Variable Optics

The jack of all trades optic continues to be popular. 

Plinking Products

Plinking season is upon us, and these products will increase the fun factor of your rimfire range time.

Why The Shotgun Is Best For Home Defense

When it comes to home defense, the 12-gauge shotgun rules your roost.

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