Lancer Adaptive Magwell

When seconds count, anything that helps is a good thing. Lancer Systems' adaptive magazine well helps speed the reloading of your AR-15-pattern rifle.

New Book Teaches Ammunition Reloading For Beginners

The Insanely Practical Guide to Reloading Ammunition demonstrates reloading skills and tips in an easy‐to‐understand manner.

Semi-Automatic Handgun Reloading

Learn how to properly and effectively reload a semi-automatic handgun from a former SOF sniper.

Revolver Reloads

Getting back in the fight with a wheelgun can be fast and efficient, but you need the right technique and frequent practice.

Handgun Slide Manipulation

You cannot run a semi-automatic handgun without operating the slide, and there are several different ways for you to perform this task.

Fast Reloads for Internal-Magazine Rifles

Fast reloads with detachable-box magazines are easy, but can you refill your internal-magazine rifle fast enough to save your life?

Two Plus Two

Speed loading, speed reloading or just plain getting the gun reloaded quickly is an essential skill for both competition and combat.

Weak-Hand Shotgun Reload

Refined by champion 3-gunner Kurt Miller, this technique is well-suited for competition, duty or home defense.

Practical vs. Tactical

Competition reinforces many basic skills needed for home defense. However, key differences remain between sport and tactical techniques.


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