First Look: Black Aces Tactical Shockwave Quad Rail Shell Holder

The Quad Rail Shell Holder from Black Aces Tactical is designed for use on the Mossberg Shockwave, giving owners more versatility and ammo storage.

Blackhawk AR-15 Carbine Quad Rail Fore-end

Adding utility to your modern sporting rifle is as simple as turning screws, thanks to Blackhawk.

Before We Rode The Rails

Today, AR-type rifles are supremely easy to accessorize, but not too long ago that wasn't the case.

Sabre Defence M5 Tactical

Sabre Defence put together a fearsome package in its M5 Tactical, one that will leave any fan of tacticalia drooling with lust. Just about every customizable option comes standard, and each of these options is among the highest-grade versions available.


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