First Look: Proof Research MDT Chassis Rifle

When it came time to build a chassis rifle for precision rifle competitions, Proof Research decided that rather than reinvent the wheel and create their own rifle from scratch, they would partner with companies whose products are already on the podium weekend after weekend.

What's the Advantage of a Carbon Fiber Barrel?

Carbon fiber barrels are growing in popularity—but how are they made and what do they offer for shooters?

First Look: Proof Research Conviction Ti Rifle

Proof Research recently introduced its new Conviction Ti rifle, which boasts a titanium receiver and Proof's famous carbon-fiber barrel.

First Look: Savage Arms MSR Competition Rifles

Need a rifle to dominate the competition at your club's next rifle shoot? The Savage Arms MSR Competition rifle series is designed to win with a combination of high-end features.

New for 2018: Adams Arms P3+ Rifle

The new Adams Arms P3+ rifle combines stand-out products from a few manufacturers to produce a lightweight precision rifle.

New for 2018: Nosler M48 Long Range Carbon Rifle

Nosler teamed up with Proof Research to offer its new Long Range Carbon rifle, a lightened platform built for precision work.

First Look: Proof Research Switch Rifle

The Switch rifle from Proof Research is innovative for its ability to easily change calibers and configurations.

PROOF Research CAMGAS Barrels

The new CAMGAS system from PROOF Research is designed to improve reliability and performance in AR-10 platforms.

Range Day With American Built Arms

What could be better than a day on the range? Making good hits at respectable distances with the help of superlative equipment, that's what.


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