AR-15 Cleaning Essentials: 5 Must-Have Maintenance Accessories

Looking for additional cleaning tools that make maintaining your AR-15 easier than ever? Check out these five maintenance tools and accessories here.

5 Useful Smith & Wesson M&P Pistol Accessories

Further refine your Smith & Wesson M&P for personal protection with the following five accessories and upgrades.

Present Arms Offers AR-15 Sentinel Plate

The Sentinel Plate from Present Arms offers AR-15 owners an easy platform to do work on their guns.

Present Arms Offers Sentinel Plate for Gunsmithing

The Sentinel Plate from Present Arms allows pistol owners to work on and display handguns with ease.

Present Arms’ Sentinel Plate

For those of you who wish for a second set of hands while at the range, Present Arms has come to the rescue.

1911 Thumb Safety Installation

Another one of those tasks that requires a spare hand, you could do it with a vise and file, but there’s an easier, hassle-free way.

1911 Fire-Control Installation

Having completed fitting the fire-control components, here’s how you install them into the frame.


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