Gifts $105 to $170

2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts $105 to $170

While you're making your list and checking it twice (because two is one and one is none, right?), check out these gift ideas for you or some other firearms enthusiast you know.

First Look: Snap Safe Trunk Safe II

Keep your valuables locked up while you’re away from home.

2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Outdoors

Check out these gun-related products for that firearm-enthusiast friend or loved one. Whether he or she spends time at the range, tinkering with their guns in the shop, in their special space at home, whipping up food and drink in the kitchen, driving to or from work or in the outdoors, we’ve got you covered this holiday season, no matter your budget.

First Look: Angstadt Arms SCW Stock

To shorten the overall length of an AR carbine, Angstadt Arms developed its SCW stock system, which is now available to the commercial market.

Browning Launches New Pistol Safes

Browning added the Pistol Vault Portable and the Pistol Vault 900 to its lineup in 2017.

ABDO Concealed Carry Portable Firearm Safe Review

The ABDO Concealed Carry Portable Firearm Safe offers concealed carry holders a unique new way to hide their carry gun.

ABDO Concealed Carry Portable Firearm Safe

The EAA ABDO Concealed Carry Portable Firearm Safe offers a unique way to carry a small pocket auto in disguise on a belt.

Brunton Portable Power Introduces the Resync For 2012

Brunton Hunting, a premiere leader in optics, portable power, navigation, instruments, lighting and gear announces the addition of the Resync to their portable power pack line.


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