The Counter-Intuitive Business of Guns

Selling firearms is just “different.”

NICS Checks Under Obama: 70.25 Million and Counting

Nearly twice as many background checks for firearm purchases during President Obama's first 51 months in office compared with his predecessor.

Bloomberg Group Funds 'Gun Reporting' Workshop for Journalists

While we all want better, more concise and accurate reporting, the manner in which reporters are "educated" on firearms is suspect given the source.

With Arizona Recount, 2014 Midterms Are Finally Over

The GOP majority in Congress increased by one, as Representative-elect Martha McSally prevailed over her Democratic rival in a recount.

NRA Stand & Fight Rally

Lucas Oil Stadium was once again host to thousands of NRA members who gathered for a rally headlined by speeches and music in the name of defending our Second Amendment Rights.The packed house was electric from the opening prayer by Rev. Franklin Graham to the last notes of Alabama's legendary guitars.

NRA-ILA Leadership Forum

A packed house at Lucas Oil Stadium listened to speakers as diverse as the governor of Indiana to Indianapolis Colts placekicker and four-time Superbowl champion Adam Vinatieri extol the virtues of the Second Amendment and the importance in vigilantly defending the right to keep and bear arms.

Gun Sales and NICS "Essential

Despite a Federal Government shutdown this week, the FBI's National Instant Check System (NICS) appears to be conducting business as usual.

Pittman-Robertson at 75

As the calendar turns and a new year begins, hunters, conservationists and shooting enthusiasts are celebrating a significant milestone year of a program many believe has done more to ensure a bright future for American hunting and shooting sports than any single legislative act in the nation's history.

Sometimes It Ain't What You Think

Think California is nothing but a bunch of anti-gun hippies? You're only mostly right. There is a large group of firearm fans in the state, and we shouldn't forget about them.

The Evil That Men Do

There are plenty of good people out there, but there are also plenty of bad folks. Sadly, a lot of people don't realize that evil exists.

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