sight alignment

The Sight Alignment Dilemma

Aligning your sights and your gun to the target seems easy. Mastering this skill, however, is hard work.

Point Shooting Vs. Sighted Fire: Which is Better?

The battle rages on between point shooters and those who rely on sighted fire. Is there a true winner in that contest?

Point Shooting: A Valuable Self-Defense Skill

While point-shooting techniques have fallen by the wayside in favor of more modern techniques, Sheriff Jim says the method still provides practitioners with a valuable self-defense skill.

Point Shooting Revisited

From studying history, we know that the gunfighters of the Old West usually used a point-shooting technique in their fights. That is, they raised the handgun to eye level and looked across the top of it, only referring to the sights if they were shooting at longer distances.

Colt New Agent

Colt redesigned its famed New Agent, adding a double-action trigger and removing any unnecessary parts in a self-defense gun for extremely close quarters.

Colt New Agent

A lack of sights might be the first thing you notice on this 1911 built for concealed carry, but fear not; it was built for point-shooting, and it fits that role perfectly.


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