Glock DIY Guide: Reassembling the Trigger Module

Whether your goal is routine maintenance or replacing select components for a superb trigger pull, reassembling your Glock’s trigger module isn’t as difficult as it looks.

Glock DIY Guide: Disassembling the Trigger Module

Whether your goal is complete replacement or preparing to for a custom trigger job, getting a Glock’s trigger module down to its key components is easy.

Glock Guide: DIY Frame Disassembly

Before adding in custom components in your Glock frame, it's necessary to tear down your OEM pistol. Here's how to get your frame apart.

DIY Glock Build: The Tools You Need

Before embarking on your DIY Glock build, it's critical to have all the right tools on-hand. Here's what you'll need.

DIY Glock Build: Understanding the Generation Gap

When looking to build a Glock handgun, understanding the differences between the generations is critical. Here is some of the information surrounding the generational gap between Glock's different models.

DIY Glock Build: Identifying Your Pistol's Purpose

Whether you're building for personal defense, fun, hunting or another reason, it's critical to have an end goal in mind before starting your DIY Glock build.

DIY Glock Build: Introduction & Background

Before we dive into this Glock build, it's important to have an understanding of why we're discussing just such a build in the first place.

First Look: Black Collar Arms Bolt-Action Pistol Kit

Thanks to pistol-stabilizing braces, the ability to have a compact, bolt-action pistol for work at extended distances has been heightened, and Black Collar Arms is bringing a purpose-built kit to the market.

New for 2018: Lone Wolf Timberwolf Large Frame

Looking to build a big-bore, Glock-style handgun chambered in 10 mm or .45 ACP? The new Timberwolf Large Frame from Lone Wolf Distributors is a solid starting point.

AR-15 Pistol Build: Components & Considerations

How different is building an AR-15-style pistol than a rifle or carbine? Not very, but there are some important factors in downsizing to a pistol.


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