Carrying a Firearm in your Vehicle

Handbook: Carrying a Firearm in your Vehicle

While having your firearm on your person is the ideal solution, circumstances may dictate it being left behind. Do this sparingly and securely.

What to Do After You've Bought Your First Firearm

You finally took the plunge. You bought a gun for protection. You took a class. You got your permit to carry concealed. You are all set—another thing checked off the bucket list of things to do. Is it that easy, or is there more to it?

Authorities Issue Multiple Warnings on Concealed Carry Text Message Scam

Law enforcement officials are warning recipients of text messages that claim their concealed carry permit is ready for pickup or that provides a URL for renewal—or any variation of the CCW theme—should delete the message immediately and not click on provided links.

Concealed-Carry for Beginners: Tips for Continued Training

Getting your concealed-carry permit is a great start in your self-defense journey, but it is just that—a starting point.

Latest Study: More than 17 Million CCW Permit Holders in U.S.

The Crime Prevention Research Center released the results of a 2018 study that shows a record number of concealed-carry permit holders in America.

What to Do After Getting your Concealed Carry License

Getting your concealed-carry permit is a great start in your self-defense journey, but it is just that—a starting point.

Pro-Gun Measure Awaits Action by Missouri Governor

Missouri is in line to become the 11th state to approve permitless carry as part of pro-gun measures passed in the final day of the Show Me State’s legislative session and sent to the desk of Gov. Jay Nixon.

A CCW Vacation

Take full advantage of your vacation by tacking on a day for a multi-state CCW certification course at a good firearm training school. Chances are, there will be one nearby.

Despite New Law, Kansas CCL Applications Continue Pace

Even though Kansas now allows residents to carry concealed firearms for personal protection without the need to obtain a permit or special training with the passage of Senate Bill 45 earlier this year, thousands of residents continue to opt for permits, according to figures released this week by the state Attorney General’s office.

Surge in Hoosier Handgun Permit Demand Creates Backlog

The leap in Indiana handgun permit applications for the first half of 2013 has created a backlog of around 45,000, with some beyond the 60-day time limit set by law for issuance or denial, according to the Indiana State Police.


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