Protective Gear for the Range

Here’s a quick look at some of the vital protective equipment you should have when going to the range.

Personal Defense on a Budget

Sheriff Jim offers some tips on saving money for anyone looking to purchase their first firearm buyer and the new gun owner.

New for 2019: ATI Purple GSG Firefly

Looking for a splash of color in your rimfire-training pistol? Check out the latest addition to the American Tactical Imports GSG Firefly handgun lineup.

First-Time AR-15 Outing: Shooting Drills & Techniques

After pulling your AR-15 out of the box and checking it over, it's time to head to the range. Here are a few tips and drills designed to help you get you rifle-ready.

Get Ready. Get Set. Compete!

It's a long, interesting journey from enthusiast to competitor, and Jacqueline Janes shares her story.

Providing Firearm Training Services in the City

How do you train new shooters in the absence of a local shooting range? Detroit instructor Rick Ector faces this challenge on a regular basis.

Which Gun for the Mrs.?

Kelly Grayson, the blogger known as Ambulance Driver, describes his experiences in choosing a firearm for his significant other. And explains why he carries a .38 Spl. revolver with pink grips.


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