Primary Arms Odyssey 2.0 Optics

First Look: Primary Arms Odyssey 2.0 Optics

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's the peanut butter pickle!

2023 New Optics Guide

Optics remain the preserve of ever-escalating innovation. Whether new technologies are introduced in a multi-purpose riflescope, existing tech is miniaturized for a micro-red-dot sight to fit on a pistol or once prohibitively expensive equipment like thermal sights are made increasingly affordable, the world of tactical optics is always exciting.

2023 New Optics Guide: Night Vision & Binoculars

The prices keep falling and the feature set keeps getting better and better.

August Is National Shooting Sports Month

Let freedom ring at a shooting range near you.

2023 New Optics Guide: Low Power Variable Optics

The jack of all trades optic continues to be popular. 

2023 New Optics Guide: Rifle Sights

What was once considered esoteric has now become almost mandatory.

2023 New Optics Guide: Dot Sights

The red dot revolution continues.

2023 New Optics Guide: Riflescopes

Long-range scopes have been around since Day Zero of rifle optics. Here's some of the latest. 

The Basics of Cartridge Development

Bringing new calibers and cartridges to market takes a lot of work, with hit-or-miss success.

First Look: Tract Optics TORIC 4-25x50 UHD ELR Scope

Available with either MOA or MRAD reticles.

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