Spirit of Blue Buys LMT Rifles for Michigan State Police

Members of the Michigan State Police Emergency Support Team are now equipped with LMT rifles, thanks to a grant from the Spirit of Blue Foundation.

Detroit Police Choose SIG Sauer M400 for SWAT Team

After a rigorous selection process, the Detroit Police Department chose the SIG Sauer M400 as the AR-style rifle of choice to outfit its elite SWAT team.

'Guntry' Club Indoor Range Opens in Michigan

Huron Valley Guns, located in New Hudson, MI, is one of the latest in a trend of "guntry" clubs around the country, offering shooters a host of amenities.

Trail Leads Cops to Culprits in Gun Store Break-in Attempt

It's clear that these criminals aren't the sharpest tools in the shed.

More Real Estate Agents Look at CCW Permits, Training

After tragedy struck in Arkansas, more real estate professionals are taking steps to ensure their own defense.

Michigan Ruling Favors Sport Shooting Range Act

The Michigan Supreme Court ruled in favor of a gun range, overturning a lower court decision.

"Buyback" Backfires, Again

Detroit anti-gun event is foiled by savvy gun-rights activists.

In Michigan, We're Number One!

It's been a big week for bragging rights in Michigan.

Michigan Concealed-Carry Law Turns Ten

As Michiganders celebrate 10 years of shall-issue freedom, here are some facts about concealed-carry licensees in the state.


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