New for 2019: IFC .410 Bore AR-15 Upper Receiver

Have a standard AR-15 lower receiver? Turn it into a semi-automatic .410-bore shotgun with this upper receiver from IFC.

New for 2019: IFC Bullpup Shotgun

Providing a compact, personal-defense gun that's affordable to consumers, IFC rolled out its Bullpup shotgun in 2019.

WATCH: Armscor VR80 Shotgun

Armscor rolled out its VR80 shotgun in 2019, complete with controls familiar to today's tactical shooters.

Box Magazine-Fed Shotguns: Game Changing Innovations

What’s this, a change of heart regarding removable-box-magazine-fed shotguns? Here's what our Shotgun editor has to say about the latest innovation on the market.

New for 2018: McCutchen Firearms .50 BMG MF-50 Upper Receiver

Made to mount on any mil-spec AR-15 lower receiver, the McCutchen Firearms .50 BMG MF-50 upper receiver is built for safety and accuracy.

Review: EAA MKA1919 Match Shotgun

With the MKA1919 Match, EAA upgraded the shotgun’s status to “race-ready.”

Shotgun Magazines: Box-Fed vs. Tube-Fed

As detachable-magazine-fed shotguns become more prevalent, they are increasingly a viable alternative to tube-fed models.

8 Great Box-Magazine Tactical Shotguns You Can Buy Now

Removable-box-magazine-fed tactical shotguns are gaining in popularity. Here’s a quick snapshot of eight current options now available on the market.

EAA MKA 1919 Match

With the MKA 1919 Match, EAA has upgraded the shotgun’s status to “race-ready.”


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