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6 Bucket-List Experiences for the Gun Enthusiast

For gun enthusiasts, what are some of the must-have experiences to live up before casting off this earthly veil? Here's are six of our top bucket-list experiences.

Old Dominion Leads Country in Machine Gun Ownership

Among the myriad federal firearms laws currently enforced in the U.S., fewer are more commonly misunderstood by the general public or mischaracterized by the mainstream media than those concerning the private ownership of fully automatic guns.

NFA Trusts

A trust is one of several legal methods for acquiring Title II firearms in accordance with the National Firearms Act of 1934.

Navigating the NFA

The somewhat perplexing rules of the National Firearms Act as they apply to sound suppressors need not be a deterrent to prospective buyers.

Tucson Machine Gun Shoot

If you were anywhere near Southern Arizona Saturday, you might have thought the full-auto fire coming from the desert was a drug cartel invasion. Nope, it was just a Caddy's final sendoff.

Israel Weapon Industries to Showcase Complete, Advanced Solution for Light Weapons for Military, Special Ops and Law Enforcement

Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) will showcase a complete solution for light weapons for the military, special ops and law enforcement - at FIDAE International Air & Space Fair (Santiago, Chile, March 27-April 1), Israel Pavilion, Hall D, Stand 1a.

IWI to Introduce 7.62 NATO Light Machine Gun With Semi-Auto Mode

OK, civilian shooters can't own it, but here's a sneak peak at the NEGEV NG7—the next generation of the NEGEV family of LMGs.

Take Aim Like SEAL Team Six

Or During the SHOT Show Be a Femme Fatale At Machine Guns Vegas.

USMC Awards Infantry Automatic Rifle Contract to HK

Heckler & Koch was awarded a competitive contract to produce the U.S. Marine Corps' new Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR). The formal "Full Rate Production" announcement by the Marines caps a competition that began more than three years ago.

Support Grows for Veterans' Heritage Firearms Act

Legislation to protect veterans with war-relic firearms gains traction in Congress.

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