New Standards for Handheld Flashlights

Confused about the output of your handheld flashlight? There's a new standard in town, and manufacturers are hoping it clears some of that up.

Hands-On With the SureFire PLR Stiletto Light

If you’ve been looking for a powerful light that fits easily in a pocket, SureFire might have just the thing.

Review: SureFire M600DF Scout Light

When you absolutely, positively need to identify everything in your backyard, and your neighbor's...

First Look: SureFire M600 Ultra Scout Light

Want total awareness in low-light conditions, even in large spaces? The SureFire M600 Ultra Scout Light is purpose-built to light up the night.

Tips for Buying the Right EDC Flashlight

Not all flashlights are created equal. When you're out buying your next everyday-carry flashlight, here are some things to keep in mind.

Review: SureFire EDCL2-T Flashlight

I'm sorry, did you say the SureFire EDCL2-T flashlight produces 1,200 lumens?


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