Regulator suppressor handles sixteen in the clip and one in the hole

First Look: Liberty Suppressor Regulator Ti

A lighter version of Liberty's Regulator rimfire can.

First Look: Liberty Suppressors Zulu Integral 5.56 NATO Upper Receiver

Want a suppressed 5.56 NATO upper without all the blowback and other associated issues? Liberty Suppressors developed its Zulu Integral 5.56 NATO upper receiver to provide just that.

Liberty Suppressors Updates the Mystic X

Liberty Suppressors updated its multi-caliber Mystic X for 2017.

Liberty Launches .458 SOCOM Goliath Suppressor

Liberty Suppressors rolled out its largest .45-caliber suppressor to-date: the Goliath.

A-Kaotic From Liberty Suppressors

Liberty Suppressors and Krebs Custom have teamed up to make a new suppressor.


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