Ruger 10/22 rifle

First Look: Ruger 10/22 Competition Left-Hand Model

Sturm, Ruger & Co. is coming out with a left-handed version of the company's 10/22 Competition rifle.

First Look: Rock River Arms Left-Handed AR Pistol in 5.56

Okay you southpaws, the folks at Rock River Arms have been listening to your pleas for a left-hand-friendly AR pistol.

Off-Hand Practice: An Easy Way to Improve Your Shooting

Want to shoot better? Build your handgun-shooting skills by training with your support hand.

Savage Arms Expands Left-Handed Rifle Offerings

Giving southpaw shooters more options in 2018, Savage Arms announced the launch of several new left-handed rifle offerings.

First Look: Savage Arms Model 10/110 BA Stealth Left-Hand

Left-handed shooters, rejoice! Savage Arms announced the introduction of left-handed versions of its popular Model 10/110 BA Stealth.

Benefits of Shooting with Your Off Hand

Want to improve your shooting? Try using your off hand.

Left-Handed Rifles

For southpaws, we are living in a golden age of ambidextrous rifles and accessories.

Stag Arms 2TL

Stag Arms was among the first companies to offer a viable treatment by modifying one of the most popular and versatile semi-automatic rifles of all time for southpaws—the venerable AR-15. The model 2TL is the company's latest offering dedicated to that effort.

Charter Arms Southpaw

For cloistered lefties, like myself, the Charter Arms Southpaw provides sanctuary. The cylinder and ejector rod swing out to the opposite side so the left-handed contortions (penance) during a reload are no longer required. It's really a reverse-configured version of the company's Undercover Lite.


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