LC Charger

First Look: Ruger LC Charger 5.7 Pistol

A new, large format pistol version of the LC Carbine.

First Look: Beretta PMXs Pistol

A new large format pistol from the oldest gun manufacturer in the world.

First Look: New Pistol Caliber Carbines from Bear Creek

Built for people who want a little more punch from their pistol caliber carbine.

First Look: Extar USA Receiver Extension

Add the accessory of your choice to your large format pistol.

First Look: FN SCAR 15P Pistol

5.56 NATO power teamed up with the workings of the FN SCAR make for a powerful package.

First Look: Anderson A4 Series with Picatinny Rails

Classically styled rifles, carbines and large-format pistols from one of America's most-popular AR builders.

First Look: Four Peaks Tactical 300 HAM’R SBR

A compact size firearm with the punch of 300 HAM’R.

First Look: Black Collar Arms APS

A new way to support your large-format pistol.

First Look: The New CZ Scorpion 3+ Pistol

CZ updates and improves their popular large format pistol.


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