Kentucky Passes Constitutional Carry

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin signed constitutional carry into law this week, making Kentucky the 16th state in the country to allow permitless concealed carry.

Spirit of Blue Provides TQ Grant to Kentucky Police

Thanks to a grant provided by the Spirit of Blue Foundation, the Kentucky State Police will receive 1,000 tourniquets for field use.

Kentucky City Lifts Obscure Cemetery Firearm Prohibition

Through the work of the Kentucky Concealed Carry Coalition, this decades-old prohibition was finally removed.

In Past Decade, Kentucky CCW Permits Quadruple

With a total of 39 states recognizing the state's concealed-carry permit, Kentucky has been blazing a positive trail for concealed carry.

Kentucky Gun Reform Signed by Governor

Good news for concealed-carry permit holders in the Bluegrass State. There's a whole host of pro-concealed-carry legislation being passed.


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