10 Most Iconic Handgun Designs of All Time

Brad Fitzpatrick takes a look at the game-changing pistols and revolvers that have left a lasting impact on firearms history. These are the 10 most iconic handgun designs of all time.

ATI Scorpion X2 Grip for Taurus Large Frame Revolvers

ATI offers a grip upgrade for Taurus large frame revolvers that promises to take recoil down a notch or two...

LaserLyte Introduces One Side Mount Laser that Fits All Taurus Revolvers and all S&W J-Frames

Leave it to LaserLyte, the leader in laser technology for the shooting sports market for 25 years, to bring the best of two popular lasers into one single, simple and affordable laser; the LaserLyte CK-SWAT.

Inside the Judge's Chamber

Here are some of the best self-defense loads to run through a Taurus Judge.

Truth Missing From Raging Judge 28 Gauge Rumors

Breaking news on BATFE and the 28-gauge Taurus Raging Judge

Taurus Raging Judge 28-Gauge

Taurus is expanding it's Judge lineup with a 28-gauge.

Taurus Judge Public Defender

Taurus makes a decided case for concealed carry.


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