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Straight Talk: Street Safety

The rules of firearm safety apply on the street as well as at the range.

What’s Your Stance on That?

Shots on-target are more important than how you stand.

That Moment Of Truth

Countering a violent criminal threat takes skill and timing.

Shots To The Vital Zone

Only hits count, but some hits count more than others. 

You Are Responsible For Your Own Safety

Be your own range safety officer. 

Turning It On and Turning It Off

As a student of the gun, you know how to prepare for and respond to a potential threat. But, what do you do afterward?

Dealing With The Panic

Familiarity with a firearm breeds competency rather than contempt, says Sheriff Jim.

Things To Consider

What's on your hip isn't as important as important as what's inside your head.

The Mistakes We Make

We can't control everything that happens in a violent encounter, but we can eliminate some common unforced errors.

More Thoughts On The Defensive Shotgun

Good training and good technique makes the scattergun even more effective.

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