Weird Shotgun Loads

Weird Shotgun Loads

Oddball or awesome? There’s a little of each when it comes to specialty shotgun rounds.

The Beginner’s Guide to Shotgun Chokes

Here's the skinny on what they are and what they do.

Critter Defense

One of the shotgun’s greatest strengths is its versatility.

Why The Shotgun Is Best For Home Defense

When it comes to home defense, the 12-gauge shotgun rules your roost.

Working With Mini Shotshells

When someone asks a store clerk for 9 mm ammunition, generally the clerk can zero in on the customer’s needs by asking a couple questions: Target or defense? OK then, 124- or 147-grain projectiles? And, away the happy customer goes with a box of cartridges. 

The Cardinal Rules of Defensive Shotgunning

In baseball, there are cardinal rules that every player learns from a good coach: Never strike out looking, never give up a walk with two outs if you’re a pitcher and never be the first or third out at third base—that sort of thing. In defensive shotgunning, there are also some hard rules to which shooters should adhere.

A History of the Mossberg 590A1

Mossberg’s military scattergun has an interesting history, indeed.

Does Birdshot Overpenetrate?

Home defenders sometimes opt for birdshot, thinking it won’t overpenetrate. We put this concept to the test.

The Truth About Shotgun Slugs

Everything you wanted to know about shotgun slugs (but were afraid to ask).

The Pros and Cons Of A Red Dot Sight On Your Shotgun

Red-dot sights are all the rage. Should you put one on your home-defense shotgun?

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