Sheriff Jim Wilson

Combat Mindset for the Defensive Shooter

Someone once said that good gear will not make up for poor tactics, but good tactics will make up for poor gear.

Why You Should Carry a Handgun Every Day

Sheriff Jim Wilson explains why carrying a handgun for personal defense is important to do on a daily, all-the-time basis.

Review: Ruger Scout Rifle in 350 Legend

Ruger's excellent Scout rifle, paired with the new 350 Legend round, makes for a great combination.

The Importance of Situational Awareness

Col. Jeff Cooper proposed four levels of alertness to describe the various stages of paying attention, but how do they relate to daily activities?

Gunsite Academy Co-Founder Janelle Cooper Passes Away

At age 99, Janelle Cooper, wife of Col. Jeff Cooper and co-founder of Gunsite Academy, passed away at her Paulden, AZ home.

Scout-Rifle Build: Robar Ruger American Scout

After Ruger improved on its affordable American Rifle, SI Field Editor Ed Head aimed to make a true scout rifle out of the platform. Here's how it turned out.

New for 2019: Ed Brown Jeff Cooper Commemorative 1911

To honor the contributions of Col. Jeff Cooper, founder of Gunsite Academy, Ed Brown Products developed its limited-edition Jeff Cooper Commemorative 1911.

Dress for Success: Attire for the Armed Citizen

Whether carrying openly or concealed, it's important to think about how and why we dress. Here are a couple of methods to consider.

Rule Four in Self-Defense: Bullets On and Beyond Your Target

Col. Jeff Cooper's list of safety rules includes, "Be sure of your target and what is behind it." In a self-defense scenario, this can be difficult to apply, but it's critical. Here are Sheriff Jim's thoughts on it.

Skills Check: El Presidente Drill

Jeff Cooper's legendary El Presidente drill is a great way to build accuracy, power and speed skills.

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