New Course and Summit Coming to SIG Sauer Academy

SIG Sauer Academy has added Rifle Mechanics to its catalog of courses and upcoming sessions for the new one-day classes include July 7, 9 and 11.

What To Look For In A Trainer

It’s counter-intuitive, but qualifying with a gun doesn’t qualify you as an instructor.

How to Build Your Self-Defense & CCW Skills

Never stop reaching for the next level in your quest for self-improvement.

Rifle Trigger Technique: Methods & Mechanics

Embrace the Zen of trigger control in your precision rifle. Slow down to go fast. Here are a few tricks from our Rifles editor.

The First Rule of Gunfighting: Get Training

It's often said that the first rule of gunfighting is to have a gun. According to Sheriff Jim, though, that really shouldn't be the case. Training is essential for those looking to defend themselves.

5 Great Pistol Drills for Self-Defense Training

If you're planning to carry a pistol for self-defense, it's important to have the skills necessary to use that gun under stress. Here are five great training drills to help sharpen your skills.

Get More Training

Owning and carrying a defensive firearm should bring with it a continuing thirst for knowledge and training.

Five Things You Might Be Doing Wrong...

If you're helping a friend or significant other choose their first firearm, be careful not to make any of the following mistakes.

Beretta Tactical Summit

What happens when you take a group of gunwriters and put them through abbreviated courses? Beretta invited a bunch of us down to find out.

Can You Keep A Secret?

Sometimes, when all else fails, you simply have to RTFM (Read The Foolish Manual).

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