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Hone Your Defensive Skills While Enjoying the Outdoors

What to do when you have attended many classes to learn how to shoot, when to shoot and what to shoot.

First Look: MDT Shot Timer

A modern take on an essential training tool.

Default Skills

"But I already know how to shoot," you say. Okay, what does that actually mean?

The Most Common Mistakes in Your Drawstroke

Carrying a firearm for self-defense is only part of the solution. An even bigger part of your defensive plan is knowing when to draw said firearm to protect life. Once the legal and moral requirements have been met, it is all about how you draw your firearm from the holster.

The Keys To Successful Speed Shooting

Learning effective speed shooting means learning how to do the basics on-demand as efficiently as possible. 

Understanding And Preventing Scope Bite

Optics can be a useful addition to your rifle, but they can bite back.

Make Use of Cover

Having something between you and the bad guy that can stop incoming rounds seems like a good idea, says Sheriff Jim.

Signature Grip

Put in the effort to get a good consistent grip on your pistol, and you'll be rewarded with consistent results.

Clean Machine

Ensuring your defensive shotgun is clean and lubed is vital for reliable operation.

How to Get Off the "X"

When things get serious, it's time to get off the 'X.'

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