pistol with backstraps

Adjusting A Gun To Suit You Better

You are a petite woman married to someone twice your size. In an effort to be proactive in this time of increasing civil unrest, he decided to purchase several firearms strictly for home-defense purposes.

Hands-On With Propper Shift Low-Top Boots

Footwear is something we don't often think about as consumers, but having a good pair of boots is essential for preparedness. We took a closer look at the Shift option from Propper.

Hands-on With the Sharps Bros. 224 Valkyrie Livewire AR-15

When Sharps Bros. talked about building a rifle around its Livewire lower receiver, we sat up and listened. Here's a look at the finished product, chambered in 224 Valkyrie.

Hands-on With the Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec Reflex Sight

Looking for a reflex sight for your carbine? Sightmark’s affordable Ultra Shot M-Spec is worth consideration.

First Look: Streamlight Twin-Task Headlamp

For a hands-free illumination tool with multi-function capabilities, look no further than the Streamlight Twin-Task Headlamp.

5 Must-Have Products for Your Concealed-Carry Revolver

When the chips are down, the following products and upgrades may give you a defensive advantage when used with your concealed-carry revolver.


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