Self-Defense Strategies: Using a Knife or Pistol With One Hand

In a defensive scenario, your support hand may not be available for fighting. Whether you are forced to use a firearm or a knife, the fundamentals are similar, and learning them might save your life.

The Support-Hand Draw

Learning to draw with your support hand might save your life.

The 250 Drill

Back in the dark ages when Jeff Cooper established the American Pistol Institute (API) at Gunsite Ranch, his initial course offering was API 250, a five-and-a-half day pistol class.

Crossed-Thumbs Revolver Grip

Did you buy an ultra-lightweight or polymer revolver and find the recoil to be a bit harsh? If so, a crossed-thumbs grip may help.

Thumbs-Forward Handgun Grip

If you want to get on target faster and manage recoil better, try the thumbs-forward grip when shooting your defensive pistol.


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