Defining Trigger Movement: Pull vs. Press vs. Squeeze

In early stages of firearm training, instructors use all kinds of words to define trigger movement. However, all these terms mean different things. We try to clarify the issue here.

Racking a Handgun Slide: Tips & Tricks

For weak-handed individuals looking for a handgun for personal protection, racking a handgun slide can be difficult. Here are a few tips to properly manipulate a semi-automatic pistol slide.

The Fix: The Electric Slide

You have felt the need to acquire a handgun for personal protection and perhaps some recreational shooting. Although you have owned revolvers in the past, you’d like to try a semi-automatic to modernize.

Train Now or Later?

Using a rimfire version of your defensive handgun is a proven way to maintain or improve proficiency while saving money.

At Arm's Length

If you find yourself face-to-face with an attacker bent on causing grievous bodily harm, here are some ways to ensure you prevail.

Handgun Slide Manipulation

You cannot run a semi-automatic handgun without operating the slide, and there are several different ways for you to perform this task.


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