Obituary: Chip McCormick, Legendary Gunsmith and Innovator

A true industry legend, Michael “Chip” McCormick, has passed away.

The Trigger Job: Tips & Tactics to Improve Trigger Pull

I’m new to shooting and just bought my first pistol. During my first trip to the range I let one of the staff members shoot the pistol because I wasn’t doing too well in hitting the target.

First Look: Birchwood Casey Weekender Gunsmith Kit

The all-new Birchwood Casey Weekender Gunsmith Kit contains all the must-have tools for doing basic work on your guns.

DoubleStar Releases Oops! AR-15 Parts Kit

The new Oops! AR-15 Parts Kit from DoubleStar contains all the small, easy-to-lose AR parts you need.

How to Build a 1911 Pistol

Shooting Illustrated's own Bob Boyd embarked on a two-year journey to build his own 1911. Now that it's finished, here is the whole process from start to finish.

AGI Launches DVD on Precision Long Range Shooting

The American Gunsmithing Institute has a new DVD on the Secrets of Precision Long Range Shooting, guaranteed to increase the hunter and/or tactical shooter's accuracy by 37%.


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